Megan M. Zaleski

Social Media Specialist at Emerald Digital

Megan M. Zaleski started out at HeraldPR in November 2018 and has worked diligently in the fields of public relations, social media, digital marketing and branding.

As a Social Media native, Zaleski has worked at various media companies and brands to implement social strategies to optimize content and aid in company branding. The current list includes: A health and wellness magazine, small record label, a co-work space in Mid-Michigan, a lifestyle magazine, a B2B publishing company and now both HeraldPR and Emerald Digital, in addition to various clients under the two.

Zaleski specializes in organic social media and producing long lasting consumer relationships through natural strategy and efforts. She believes that the best Social Marketer’s are those who understand both the positive and negative impacts of these platforms and know when it’s best to unplug, in addition to focusing attention toward natural engagement.

Zaleski is based out of New York City and is a Michigan native.

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