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At Emerald Digital, we provide a variety of services to help your grow your business in a creative and strategic manner. Our Agency boast experts in all fields, from Crisis Public Relations, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Traditional Public Relations and more. As experts in our respective industries, we’re ready to help you achieve and accomplish all of your brand and business goals. Take a look at our offerings below.

Our Services

At Emerald Digital, we understand the importance of having a deep understanding in all creative services to create a one-stop-shop for our clients.

Pay Per Click

The Driving Force Behind Emerald Pay Per Click: Sometimes, it pays to be at the top of the page (literally). At Emerald, our team understands that the top slots on any given search engine are high-traffic spaces. Our goal is to deliver your product or service to the correct target audience in a cost-effective manner. With our Pay Per Click services (also known as Cost Per Click) our team will leverage your target audience and create an advertising option that sits at the top of a specific product or services page for high traffic rates. For each user that clicks through to your site, your company will pay a select cost for their web traffic.

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Search Engine Optimization

The Driving Force Behind Emerald SEO: Ever feel like the Internet is a never ending competition between you and other brands and businesses? At Emerald we want your brand and business to break through the Internet’s noise and high-volume of content and services. Our team understands just how important it is to increase website visibility for high-click through rates so your product or services are not only readily available to be utilized by your target audience, but also won’t be lost among the Internet’s depths.

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Public Relations

The Driving Force Behind Emerald Public Relations: Despite being used by many businesses and individuals around the world, public relations is still one of the least understood marketing tools. At its most basic level, think of Public Relations specialists as storytellers, as people telling your brand, product or organizations’ story through unpaid or earned media, to your target audience to help sell and affect your bottom line. Our Public Relations team at Emerald understands how to increase your brand’s credibility, drive business and new clients to your organization, and change the way people think about you. Our team wants to help you share your story and connect with the right audience to create meaningful, lasting impressions and customers.

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Social Media Marketing

The Driving Force Behind Emerald Social: Drop the business talk and pause your direct mail. Social Media gives brands and businesses the power to reach everyday consumers in a more connected and social space, making it integral to the growth of today’s businesses. At Emerald, we believe that Social Media Marketing is not only a way for brands and businesses to be a part of the daily lives of every day consumers, but also a way to leverage your brand to drive consumer purchases and build your fan-base. Our team wants to help your company utilize the world’s most powerful tool to bridge the gap between companies and consumers. With the implementation of Social Analytics and Insights, Emerald will help you to develop quality content that drives user engagement.

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Web Design

The same thought and consideration that goes into developing your brand or business should also go into the design of your website. At Emerald, we want users to know your brand from the moment they land on your home page and we want them to experience your aesthetic through all aspects of your website. From the home page to your product or services, your website design should be authentic and on-brand. Our team will work with you to create a clean design that’s easy to navigate and resonates with your overall business.

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Crisis PR & Reputation Management

The Driving Force Behind Emerald Crisis PR and Online Reputation Management: In today’s modern world, crises are happening left and right, to affluent individuals, high-end companies and everything in between. At Emerald, we know how dire it is to have a clean reputation attached to your personal brand or business and how a negative one can deteriorate personal and financial assets altogether. At Emerald, we’re here to be an extension of your team when need be. We’ll ensure a clean online profile and implement a strategy to mitigate any further negative press.

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