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Content Creation

In today’s world of bite-sized consumable content, it’s more important than ever to have supreme visuals in your arsenal. Humans are inherently visual learners: when an image is added to copy, as far as three days later people are able to still remember 65% of what they read. Without an accompanying visual, after three days people are only able to recall a mere 10%. As a business, it’s vital that your audience remembers you, and we’re here to help you make that happen.

At Emerald Digital, we like to defy statistics. We want your audience to remember 100% of you, forever. Through dynamic and impactful  content creation as dramatic as that sentence, we aim to make that a reality. 
Like authentic New Orleans’ jambalaya, your visual content should be so spicy that it makes your eyes water. In a good way, of course. You don’t want just any creative content, you want a content marketing strategy that leaves a lasting effect on your audience. Content that makes ET stop racking up the phone bill and finally decide to stay put on the planet with superior content marketing.


Stellar Graphics

Help your audience easily absorb your message through graphics that seamlessly communicate your brand’s unique features. 

Superior Imagery

Creative, eye-catching, and memorable imagery helps you stand out against the competition and makes a lasting impression on your audience. 

Alluring Video

With videos, you can speak directly with your consumers and put a friendly face to your brand name. Videos are proven to keep users on your site for longer, increasing the likelihood of a converted customer.  

Story-telling Visuals

Communicate your brand’s unique perspective through a story that resonates with your audience and will stay with them long after. 

Enlightening Infographics

Infographics quickly grab attention and allow your audience to easily digest valuable information. They’re more likely to take a single subject viral and can be easily shared on your social media platforms. 

Bite-Sized Social Videos

The key element of CRM is relationship. A solid customer relationship creates customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction. Emerald Digital will implement CRM tools necessary to help you connect with consumers and keep them coming back. 

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Businesses are in a constant state of competition with one another for the world’s attention. And there’s not a lot of band-width there; today, the average person’s attention span is a mere 8 seconds. You can thank SpongeBob for that. That’s even smaller than the attention span of a goldfish. Instead of swimming in circles and banging our heads against glass though, we’re scrolling around in search of more content to consume. This is why a stellar content marketing strategy is of the utmost importance, and why catering your marketing strategies toward goldfish is not the worst idea.

Our industry experts stay on top of current content trends so you don’t have to. With short attention spans in mind, our team creates the style of content that speaks to each individual platform’s capabilities and audience type. Not only do we produce engaging visuals, but we know exactly where to publish them for them to thrive. It’s not enough to just reach your target audience – you need to connect with them. You need them to be home, unable to sleep because they can’t stop thinking about you. Together, let’s create a global insomnia crisis.

Whether you’re looking for images to spice up your Twitter posts, infographics for email campaigns, video assets for your paid social strategy, or any other content material, you’ve come to the right place.

As creative content evolves, it’s important that your brand keeps up. Today, 67% of consumers consider video to be the most transparent type of social content. Yet most consumers watch videos on mute. Oh, and they typically only watch them if they’re less than 60 seconds. What?! This means you need to get your message across in a quick, enticing, and easily digestible video. Good thing those are the exact type of videos we make. What are the chances!

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The Emerald Approach

If a marketing agency tells you they follow a tried and true formula for content creation, run – and we cannot stress this enough – far, far away.  

You’re not a cookie-cutter company; you shouldn’t have to settle for cookie-cutter graphics. Say no to premade templates that are used across multiple businesses. Save those for your competitors. 
You want spice. You want the cajun seasoning that makes your jambalaya different from the rest. When nearly every business has a social media presence, a website, and an email campaign, it’s vital to make sure yours stands out from the crowd. Visuals are the perfect way to do this. We’re here to serve you with a top-level content marketing strategy that is totally and completely unique to you.

You’re the Master of Your Craft.
We’re the Master of Ours.
Together, We’ll Build Something Great.

For tips on ways to spice up your creative content, check out this blog post. Have something else in mind? Like the noodles in your jambalaya, we’re flexible. Visit our other service pages for more information on Social Media Marketing, Website Development, SEO and more. We will create a custom package suited to meet your specific needs.

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