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You have a website. You have content and copy from your homepage all the way to your contact us page. You have the most stunning images and the best forms. So, why are you STILL on page three of Search Engine results? It’s pretty simple really, it’s because you need SEO. That’s why you’re here isn’t it? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We make your higher ranking dreams a reality.  

You know your long-term website goals, but do you know how to get there? We do – through an SEO company with qualified experts. So, what is SEO and why do you need it? Simply put, SEO is magic– mixed with strategic content optimization, a detailed backlink strategy, and targeted website improvement. (But mostly magic.) The primary goal behind SEO is a long-term marketing plan to get organic traffic that converts through the fluctuating changes of all search engines’ algorithms. 

What Are Your SEO Needs?

Increase Traffic

The perfect combination of our traffic-building initiatives bring more visits of valuable users to your site.

Grow Customer Awareness

We focus our SEO efforts on making sure your brand is seen. More often than not, building awareness is the route to take if conversions are what you’re after.

Expand Sales

The products and services that garner the most attention, and therefore sales, on search engines are often the ones that users can get to first. That’s why SEO is an essential part of meeting your sales goals.

Nurture Leads

Show up for your audience when they need you.

Get Your Business on the Page that Counts

Our dedicated SEO company and team will optimize your site and ensure you’re showing up for the keywords and search terms that matter to your business.

Control Of Brand Image

When potential customers or clients can see your name higher up in search engine results, it reinforces a positive image and establishes your business as a trusted brand. 

Featured clients

We have an expert for that.

Picture this: you spent years crafting your brand with blood, sweat, and let’s face it, a lot of money. Your front page goal is within reach, but every time you try to grab it, it moves just enough for you to never fully get your hands around it. Don’t panic. Emerald Digital is here to shake you awake from this nightmare.

How do you escape this torment and sleep better at night? You need an SEO company with search engine experts that develop a strategy unique to your brand. Through researching keywords and the competition, our SEO avengers craft an optimization and backlink plan that fights to get you on page one, while bringing in valuable leads that convert. Don’t get trapped by the curse of page two. Get an SEO company on your side to claim your spot in search engine results pages.

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The Emerald Approach

If you have the best content on the most visually stunning website, but no one ever sees it, does it exist? As far as your audience is concerned, the answer is no. 

Once someone reaches page two, your website has a less than 3% click-through rate. While on the first page, depending on your ranking, you stand to get a 3.5%-31% click-through rate. In these fast-paced days, customers are not interested in wandering through the forest to find what they need. Clients need information and they need it fast. Don’t get left amongst the dying trees of pages on search engines. Emerald Digital is the SEO company that gives you the solutions you need to be discovered.

You’re the Master of Your Craft.
We’re the Master of Ours.
Together, We’ll Build Something Great.

Stop solely throwing ads at your customer base. This approach is a short-term solution expecting a long-term result. Your marketing plan should be all encompassing, with everything from ads to SEO. By taking the time to optimize your site, its future content, and every backlink pointing at it, you set yourself and your brand up for long-term success.

Have something else in mind? Much like those trees in the forest, we’re flexible. Visit our service pages for more information on Website Development, Digital Marketing, Copy Writing, and more. We know you’re not a one-size-fits-all type of company, and neither are we. We create custom packages suited to fit every one of your needs.

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