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The Driving Force Behind Emerald Public Relations

Despite being used by many businesses and individuals around the world, public relations is still one of the least understood marketing tools. At its most basic level, think of Public Relations specialists as storytellers, as people telling your brand, product or organizations’ story through unpaid or earned media, to your target audience to help sell and affect your bottom line. Our Public Relations team at Emerald understands how to increase your brand’s credibility, drive business and new clients to your organization, and change the way people think about you. Our team wants to help you share your story and connect with the right audience to create meaningful, lasting impressions and customers.

Our Practice Areas

  • Law
  • Real Estate and Architecture
  • Healthcare
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Advertising
  • Entertainment
  • Beauty
  • Luxury Travel and Hospitality
  • Fashion
  • Health & Wellness
  • Interior Design
  • Food & Beverage
  • Public Affairs
  • Crisis Communications and Reputation Management

The Emerald Approach

Emerald.Digital’s public relations teams help create and raise our clients’ brand awareness as well as drive sales and bottom-line results. We implement strategic, proactive and impactful media relations campaigns, and offer a comprehensive range of integrated marketing services to meet the unique needs of each client. Our clients entrust us with telling their stories and to deliver results, and we do. Our teams of dedicated and skilled Public Relations professionals are creative, passionate and smart, and ready to work with you to develop strategic public relations campaigns that move the needle for your business. They are problem solvers, ready to meet any and every challenge head-on, and thrive on creating new strategies to help our clients succeed.

What Is Public Relations?

The goal of PR is to inform the public, your public, of something happening within your company, whether it’s a new product launch, a major hire or a new partnership, to name a few. PR is also an effective tool for establishing credibility for yourself and your company because of the third-party validation from the reporters who are choosing to tell your story. Public relations media can come through various mediums, including online or print news sources – i.e. daily or weekly national or local media, magazines, newsletters, etc. – broadcast, or even speaking engagements and social media platforms.

Reporters, editors and producers have their own credibility and have built reputations with consumers through their reporting. Those narrators have the power to influence consumer behavior just based on the stories they choose to tell. They are not forced to write or broadcast a story about your company or product, so if and when they do, it is because they believe in the story you’re telling or the product you’re selling, and want to share that with their audience.

An effective public relations campaign also helps keep your brand visible. Whether through expert commentary, speaking opportunities or full-feature pieces on your brand, remaining in the news is important for your business. A good campaign will incorporate both elements — expert commentary on topics relevant to you and your business, that will help move the needle and drive traffic to your website, store, or service, and profiles that highlight all the things that you and your business do.

In addition to all the positive information that public relations helps spread, public relations can also be incredibly important when it comes to crisis management. A crisis can come up at any time in your business. Whether there is a production line issue, an employee walkout or strike, faulty products or recall issues to name a few, it’s best to have a trustworthy partner or team in place that is prepared to help mitigate the fallout and impact to your brand.

Why Is Public Relations Important?

We live in a time where we have an insatiable demand for news, but the 24/7 news cycle has created a problem – fake news.

In this era of fake news, when journalists are more careful about what they’re reporting and consumers are more skeptical about what they’re reading, it’s become challenging for brands to tell their stories. Brands have to not only compete to get journalists to buy into them to tell their story, but they also have to convince their audience to believe in them and trust that what they’re reading is true. At the same time, because of this challenge, when your company or brand breaks through that brick wall, it helps establish that credibility and trustworthiness we mentioned above.

At Emerald, our team of public relations professionals take the time to craft compelling and timely pitches that are fact checked and ready for publication to help establish and then build that trust between brand and journalist, as well as brand and consumer.

Digital Public Relations

Consumers today spend an incredible amount of time online, which has led to a shift in how they access information and read their news. This has caused brands to shift their attention to the digital space, creating a new branch of public relations – digital PR.

Digital PR efforts include:

While still a relatively new space, the Digital PR landscape is comprehensive and complex, and its importance cannot be overstated. Our Emerald team combines creativity with tactical expertise to create a seamless PR strategy that reaches your target audience both in the traditional and digital media landscape.


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